The Perfect Whoopie Pie

To me, whoopie pies are the perfect dessert.  You can make them any size you want, there is cream filling in every bite, and there are so many different flavor combinations!  They are so easy to make and perfect for bringing to a party.  Plus, you can add a little food coloring and sprinkles to […]

DIY Valentines Day Mini Session

As a momma there is nothing I love more than pictures of my little babe.  It seems like every season or holiday I’m thinking to myself, “Oh! I should get new photos done to hang on the wall!” It’s hard not to want to capture every moment and milestone.  Children are just so sweet and […]


DIY Coffee Bar Sign

You know what one of my favorite things about New England is? SNOW DAYS! Even when you’re a grown up snow days are the absolute best.  It’s an excuse to stay inside, cozy up by the fire, eat way too much, and do a project you have been meaning to do. Today we got close […]


Blueberry Pancake Muffins

If you bring up the topic of blueberry muffins in my family you will without a doubt find yourself in the midst of a story from my childhood.  My grandmother will say, “I remember when you were a baby your mother would bake these giant blueberry muffins and you would sit there in your highchair […]


Better Than Your Momma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am seriously excited about these cookies.  Number one because they mark my first blog post EVER! And number two because these cookies are actually the best that I have ever tasted (sorry mom).  I must say that I have been spoiled, my mom is a great baker and I grew up eating homemade cookies […]